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Poppy filling, 10 kg
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    Poppy filling, 10 kg

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    The poppy filling consists of sugar syrup with high content of the grated poppy. Due to the thermostability of filling it is possible to use it for baking of pies, cake, pastries and other. Also the poppy filling is an independent dessert dish, it does not require an aftertreatment, and is useful for health.

    Specification of product
    Poppy filling
    (a cardboard basket, 10 kg)
    Types of filling:
    – A pure poppy filling
    – A poppy filling with fillers: raisins, dried apricots, prunes.

    Original appearance: dark thick homogeneous mass. Filling with fillers contains the pieces of raisins, dried apricots, prunes.

    Taste and aroma: corresponds to this type of filling with characteristic for the used raw material to taste and aroma.

    Physical and chemical properties: content of dry substances — no less than 75%, content of sorbic acid — 0,18±0,02%

    Composition of raw material: sugar, poppy, treacle starched, thermally stable starch, naturally-identical flavour «Vanilla», a preservative is sorbic acid ( Е200)

    Food value of filling poppy, on 100 g of the product:
    – Albumens — 5,2 g,
    – Fats — 16,7 g
    – Carbohydrates — 50,2 g

    Caloric value: 351 kkal (1469 kJ) in conversion to 100 g of the product.

    Expiry date: 180 days.
    Storage conditions: temperature from -5˚ to 10˚ С; with relative humidity of air not higher 75%.
    Packing: corrugated basket with polyethylene insert. Net weight is 16,5 kg. Made in accordance with technical conditions of Ukraine 158 -34451013-001:2010

    According to microbiological indexes product complies with the requirements given in the table:

    Name of index, units Norm
    mesophilic aerobic and optionally-anaerobic microorganisms, AAUs, in a 1 g of product no more, than 5,0* 10
    Bacteria of group of collibacilluss in 0,1 gs foods not allowed
    Pathogenic microorganisms, except the sort of Salmonella in 25 gs of product not allowed
    Mold mushrooms, AAUs, in a 1 g of product no more, than 50
    Yeasts, AAUs, in a 1 g of product not allowed

    Content of toxic ingredients is indicated in table:

    Name of index, units Allowable levels
    Toxic ingredients, mg/of kg, no more:  
    Lead 1,0
    Cadmium 0,1
    Arsenic 0,5
    Mercury 0,01
    Copper 15,0
    Zinc 30,0
    Mycotoxins, mg/of kg, no more Aflatoxin 0,005

    Corresponding indexes are confirmed by the conclusion of state sanitary-epidemiological examination.
    Production is controled by a certified manufacturing laboratory.

    Contact information Telephone: +38 (067) 473-26-92
    Fax: +38 (0472) 73-22-23
    Skype: videmidov
    E-mail: videmi@rambler.ru
    Address: Dobrovolskogo str, ¾, Cherkassy, Cherkasy region, Ukraine, 18006

    Информация для заказа
    • Способ упаковки: Method of packing: cardboard basket with polyethylene insert basket (340х340х150), net weight 16,5 kg, number of boxes per pallet 36, number of pallets during transportation by refrigerator — 30. Storage temperature: — 5 +10˚ С
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